Access Hamad Medical Corporation

To access Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Health Care Corporation hospitals and centers it is recommended that you apply for a health card. The health card entitles the holder to subsidized consultations and prescriptions. People with private medical insurance are also encouraged to apply for a health card in case they need to visit one of the government facilities.

To get a health card, residents must visit the Primary Health Center nearest to where you live – call 107 if you are unsure where your local center is or click on this link to check the list of health centers Once you are there, you have to bring with you the below documents according to your needs:

  • Adult Residents: Valid QID or passport with valid residence permit, a passport-size photographs and a fee of QR100
  • Children: Passport with valid residence permit, a passport-size photograph, vaccination card (for first time issue and for those born in Qatar or who had their vaccinations in Qatar) and a fee of QR100
  • All: A copy of a utility bill (phone, water/electricity) – this proves where you live.

You must pay using a credit card. No cash is accepted. The health center will either issue you with your card immediately or ask you to return within a few days to collect it.

How to Renew a Health Card

Renewing your health card is a simple process and can be done immediately at all HMC hospitals.

Cards can also be renewed online via Hukoomi (link Qatar Government Portal.

And you can click here to get more information about Primary Health Centers: