Commercial Agendas

Trade agendas are a key instrument for those companies that want to internationalize. The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Qatar organizes direct or inverse commercial agendas, that is, both for Spanish companies that want to market their product or service in Qatar, and for Qatari companies that want to do the same in Spain.

This service can be carried out during fairs or events in a specific sector, where there is a large concentration of companies of interest to the client company, or it can be carried out during a company visit to the destination market.

Market reports

The market reports are an analysis tool that is only available to Spanish companies interested in Qatar and that allows our clients to know the details of the specific sector. These reports are aimed both at companies interested in the Qatari market, as well as those that are already established and are interested in obtaining additional information that will help them in decision-making.

Trade missions and identification of partners

Trade Missions serve as a market prospecting tool for those companies with a low level of knowledge about it and who wish to present their products and/or services to other companies potentially interested in them. This can be done virtually or in person. The Chamber has a large and up-to-date database that will allow the company and the Chamber to choose the most suitable contacts for their clients together.

Company listings

The Chamber prepares personalized company lists from our database, filtering the information based on the sector of interest. Our extensive knowledge of the market allows us to differentiate the most suitable profiles for your company. The objective is to identify companies that can help the contracting client to market, import, distribute and/or promote their product or service.

Advice on electronic commerce (e-Commerce)

The offer of personalized services of the Chamber of Commerce regarding e-Commerce Advice is designed to support SMEs in their internationalization strategy in online channels.

Purchase of specifications for tenders

The Bidding Specifications Purchase service provides Spanish companies with access to the Bidding Specifications for International Tenders or prequalification documents.


Banner and advertisements within our website. (

Participation in fairs

Objective: to promote the presence of Spanish companies in international fairs at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) and the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC).

Managing the following aspects:

  • Recruitment of space at the fair
  • Hiring and assembly of stand architecture
  • Reception of samples for use at the fair
  • Recruitment of the hostess service

Previous fairs