Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

1.- Internship at CCSQ for CEF-UDIMA students (expenses paid by CEF).

2.- Discount -10% on any degree and postgraduate course for employees and family members.

3.- Discount -15% on any degree and postgraduate course paid by the company to its employees.

4.- Discounts are not applicable for preparation for Spanish Public Service examinations.

5.-The prices on which the discount will be applied will be those in force at the time of formalising the corresponding enrolment.

The courses are in Spanish, and the MBA option is available in Spanish and English.

Those interested should contact:

CEF: blancaesther@cef.es

UDIMA: blancaesther.fuentes@udima.es

Blanca E. Fuentes – 91 451 98 98 28



Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

1.- Special discount for employees of companies associated to the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Qatar of 10% on the price of the credit, or a design that allows its financing through the Fundación Tripartita.

2.- Other planned actions (collaboration, research, internships for UCAM students in member companies…)


UCAM offers Degrees, Master´s degrees, courses, and diplomas in Spanish, in different academic fields: communication, sports, law, education, business, marketing, health, technology, tourism and languages. Also, a Master´s Degree in Teacher Training of Spanish as a Foreign Language is available.


Those interested should contact:

Carolina Carrillo: mccarrillo@ucam.edu

Presentation of Academic Offerings

IMF Business School

  1. The discounts will apply to employees of both the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Qatar and its associated companies working and/or residing in Qatar, regardless of their administrative status, as well as their first-degree relatives and legally recognized spouses.
  2. The discount is applied on the fees in force at the time of formalizing the corresponding enrollment, on the tariff price.
    -10% discount on official and own degrees.
    -5% discount on the Official Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention and the whole range of Vocational Training degrees.
  3. Language of training: Spanish
  4. In order to benefit from these preferential conditions, interested parties must identify themselves as students, associates, employees or family members of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Qatar by including the assigned code ESPANACATAR2024 in the information request in the tool provided for this purpose: https://catalogocorporate.imf.com.

The academic offer/IMF’s catalog including Official and Proprietary Masters, Experts, University Degrees and Vocational Training, included in the button below.

Academic Offer - Catalog


Universidad Internacional de La Rioja

1. Academic Offer discounts:Discount

-10% on first enrollment of Graduate and Postgraduate Degrees.Additional

-5% discount if there is a commercial discount in force.

2. For subsequent enrollments, the discount will be 10% off the official price of the credit.
3. Qualifying degrees are excluded from the discounts.
4. There is no additional registration fee for opening or enrollment management.

Academic Offer - Business SchoolAcademic Offer - Faculty College of Engineering and Technology

Universidad Europea

  1. Discount applicable to members and their immediate family members (parents, spouses and children) *1
  2. Free entrance exams for the degrees offered.
  3. 10% discount on university degrees *
  4. The discount cannot be accumulated with other discounts offered by the University, nor will it be compatible with University scholarships.
  5. The University also offers InCompany training (attached Executive Training Presentation).

1*To benefit from Favorable Conditions, members of the COLLECTIVE shall meet the following.


a. Membership in the COLLECTIVE at least one (1) year prior to the date on which the reservation of a place at the UNIVERSITY is made. Under no circumstances may new members who have joined the COLLECTIVE during the admission process at the UNIVERSITY or after it, benefit from the Favorable Conditions.

b. Members of the Collective must also accredit their membership prior to the Seat Reservation at any time the UNIVERSITY so requests.

c. Regardless of requirement b above, in any case, members of the group must prove their status as such to the UNIVERSITY Admissions Department within one month of the date of their enrollment at the UNIVERSITY, or, if this does not coincide with the beginning of the academic year of the degree program in which they have enrolled, within one month of said beginning date, and always within the academic year for which they have signed up.

Pending to receive infographics that accompany the link to create the internship agreement so that they understand the partner companies and can bring UNIR students to Qatar.

Only applicable for the first year of the Degree chosen by the beneficiary.

*2 This discount will not be applicable to the Degree in Medicine, Degree in Nursing, Degree in Dentistry, Degree in Physiotherapy, Degree in Veterinary Medicine, Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for Secondary and Baccalaureate Education, Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Doctorates and the degrees that the UNIVERSITY expressly declares excluded in the regulations and list of prices published for each academic year.

Executive In-Company Training Presentation

1. The University Isabel I will offer a 20% discount to all those people who can prove to be members of the Chamber of Commerce, or first degree relatives of any of them, and enrol in the degrees indicated below (The official academic offer to which these conditions apply is available in the PDF Academic Offer).

2. This 20% discount will only be compatible with the 5% discount for early payment, which will be applied to those who opt for this payment method.

3. These discounts are incompatible with any other discount or scholarship offered by the University.

5. The training is given in Spanish

Academic offerChamber Members Discount Information at Isabel I University