National Address Registration

Resolution No.65/2019

The National Address Section was established by Resolution No.65/2019 to exercise its competencies stipulated in the resolution, foremost of which is the definition of the national address and its importance for individuals and institutions in order to move from the descriptive address to the digital address.

Individual registration process is possible via Online or Manual submission.

Online via Metrash2 App

In order to be able to have access to Metrash, your Qatar ID must be linked to your phone number. If you haven’t done this yet, you need to go to a Vodafone or Oreedo store and request it first.


  • Login thru Metrash2 App
  • Click on National Address
  • Click on Add National Address
  • Click on Register/inquire National address and add:
    • Zone number (available on the building Blue Plate)
    • Building number (available on the building Blue Plate)
    • Street number (available on the building Blue Plate)
    • Electricity number

Children will automatically be registered as per the sponsors’ address.

The spouse will require to register separately via one of the mentioned registration procedures.

Manually via MOI Service Centers

A manual application form is to be filled and submitted via any MOI Service centers. A manual application should be prepared for the spouse separately and children above 18 years old.

Important Notes

  • It is mandatory to register the National address before 26-July-2020 or else a fine of 10000 QAR might occur.
  • The Residence Permit renewal is connected to the National Address registration therefore should be done at the earliest to avoid any unexpected issues.

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